Monday, 9 February 2015

The Best Multi-purpose Concealer?

Nars Creamy Concealer 

This was released a while ago but since I've purchased a second tube I though I should do a review to get back into blogging.
When this concealer was released I seem to remember it selling out almost instantly, well in my shade anyway. Most likely because I'm white as a sheet and stockists don't seem to order as many ultra pale and ultra dark shades. Despite it's apparent popularity I hesitated buying this. I try not to get too excited by products that get a lot of hype, as I end up expecting too much from them. The shade range interested me more than the formula. I was really happy with how pale the shade Chantilly was when it arrived, the texture was an added bonus for me.  
Shade: Chantilly

Shade range
Personally I think Nars offer a better shade range in their concealers than they do in foundations. They really cover everyone in the concealers. I struggle to find pale enough concealers for not just spots but under eyes too. Bobbi Brown Brightening Concealer(lovely product) also comes in a really pale shade but its not thick enough for spots. Great for under eyes and brightening shadows but that's about it.
I love the texture of this concealer, it's so versatile. Creamy enough to be used under the eyes but dense enough to be used on a pesky spot. I like to pop a bit of this over my rosy cheeks and the redness around my nose also.
My Tip
When I want to sheer this down I apply a few dots on the area, for instance my eyes. I then put a tiny drop of serum on the back of my hand(I prefer a runny one) dab my brush in it and then blend the concealer.
Would I recommend this to a friend
Yes, Nars do a shade for everyone and the texture is really comfortable. This concealer is quicker to use than Laura Mercier Secret Camouflage(does have the bonus of the peachy correcter shade).  This is my second tube, I took the precaution of re-purchasing even before I ran out of the first one(how sad). This for me is a holy grail.
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