Friday, 15 March 2013

& Other Stories

& other stories, shirt, bag, necklace
Shirt:£39, Bag:£65,Necklace:£12

& Other Stories is the is the newest cool kid on the high street brought to you by H&M. The concept is based on street style, delivering chic clothing which quality reflects the price (thank the lord). I buy most of my clothes from COS now as I’m fed up of the high price for poor quality high street, so this was a breath of fresh air as far as I’m concerned. Their products are modern but not as minimal as COS and run slightly cheaper (kind of like H&M’s older sister).

Overall they have executed this very well, their style is fresh. They use desirable fabrics, the leather and build quality of the handbag is exactly what I expected and the price point of the jewellery is spot on. So far I can’t fault them; their quality, pricing and designs all run parallel, which I can’t say for other high street stores.

A lot of things have sold out but defiantly take a look if you like street style and modern fashion.

Jess xx


  1. I have nominated you for the liebster award! details on my blog xx

  2. Oh my, I think I'm in love with that bag! Thank you for sharing!

    Lovely blog!

    Love, Lou xxx

  3. I love that bag!!