Wednesday, 19 December 2012

Giorgio Armani Luminous Silk Foundation

You Get: 30 ml (1 oz) for £34

looks darker in this picture

Foundation is the hardest thing I find to get right in terms of make up. Made even more difficult  by the fact that I am as pale as paper. Bobbi Brown's alabaster was my perfect shade until they decided to discontinue it. I have also used Estee Lauder's Lucidity in the lightest shade, which was slightly too pink. I was going to repurchase this foundation as I loved the formula but again this has been discontinued. I had heard great things about Illamasqua's foundations and their great shade range so I decided to try the Rich Liquid foundation. Luckily I bought it when they had a promotion on so I didn't pay full price because the formulation  didn't agree with my skin (patchy and drying) and caused a bad break out. I then had to start searching again looking at swatches and reviews online, as my town only has a small selection of brands.

I was looking on Karlasugar (swatches here) for swatches and noticed that Giorgio Armani had a good shade range in their Luminous Silk foundation. I ordered shade 2 (the palest) after much deliberation. The main reason for me buying this foundation was the shade and good reviews (the formula comes second in my case). I would have bought a Bobbi Brown foundation if Alabaster or Estee Lauder Lucidity were still available. Thankfully the shade colour is an almost match, what a relief.

My Skin Type / foundation formula
I have an oily T Zone and chin, my cheek bone to my jaw is slightly dry with redness. So I guess oily combination skin, which is sensitive and prone to breakouts. I try to stay away from foundations that use buzz words like moisturising. This foundation and my Estee Lauder Lucidity talk about luminous and Glowing but sit perfectly on my oily skin. I find both finishes also similar, they dry with a slight powdery feel to them, which I like for my skin type. The foundation is flawless on my skin, and looks fresh and radiant with its luminous properties. I also have had no breakouts when using this foundation which is great for my sensitive skin. The coverage is medium and buildable without looking cakey.

Overall I am happy at how similar the finish is to my favourite Estee's Lucidity. The price tag however is steep, although only £4 more than average for a high end foundation. £34 is a lot of money wasted if the formula and or shade are no good for your skin. If foundation shades aren't really an issue for you then I think you could find cheaper alternatives. 

If you have any recommendations let me know.



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  2. lovely post, this seems like a good product!

  3. oooh ill have to check this out x

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  6. I will have to try and get a sample of this foundation :)

  7. You should try the Illamasqua skin base their foundations go down to white, or maybe invest in a white foundation to mix with great foundations you like but are not your shade?
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    1. Hi Sanna,

      I tried Illamasqua Rich Liquid and had a bad breakout so I'm reluctant to try their other formulas.

      I'm going to look into cream foundations and I have found most companies do a white to mix with.

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