Thursday, 2 April 2015

Brow Mascaras- More useful/versatile than you may think

Brow Mascaras- The only product you need for your brows?
RMK Brow Mascara Shade:05
Benefit Gimme Brow: Light/Medium 

For me brows are one of the easiest ways to change the appearance of a person's face. Unlike contouring which can be subject to change depending on what lighting your in, brow hair is either there or it's not. Given that brows aren't flat you can usually see when pencil or powder has been applied when in harsh lighting. This is why I like to finish with a brow Mascara.

Great for- Blonds
My brow hairs are incredibly light so when pencil or powder is applied to my skin the blondness of the hair is still visible. In harsh lighting the powder/pencil can look drawn on and almost disjointed from the brow hair.

If your brows are full but blond and you feel that powder/pencil can make your brows look unnatural then brow mascara is a great way to colour the hairs rather than just the skin.

Shaping the Brow
Using brow mascara can be a nice and more natural looking way of changing the shape of your brow. For instance you can brush the hairs in the middle of your brow up to create an arch. Alternatively you can brush the hairs up and then horizontal to straighten the brow. Again this makes the desired shape look more realistic than powder or pencil.

Chosungah 22 Brow Maker
This Korean product has a felt tip at the end to fill in any sparse areas. Can also be used to build up an arch, elongate the brow ect. 

Ease of use/ways to apply
Once you get the hang of using brow mascara and you've plucked/trimmed your brows to the shape you want you can cut down the time it takes to to fill them in.
Here is a few ways to apply:
-To avoid depositing to much product onto the brow or if your getting used to using it wipe excess product onto tissue or the back of your hand; you'll get a lighter application.
-If you want to be precise put a bit of product onto an angled brush and lightly brush it onto the brow hairs/skin, giving you more control.
-if you deposit too much onto the brow get a spoolie and rather than brushing the brow up brush the brow horizontally, it will remove the excess product better. Once you've done this, brush the hairs into your desired shape. Work quickly before it sets!

Innisfree Ultra Fine Browcara 
This Brow Mascara is on my list of ones to try because it's the thinnest one I've seen. This would be great for people with thin brows.

Why not get your brows tinted at the beautician?
I've had my brows tinted before when I had my hair dyed brown. I hated the shape of them. When you go to the beauticians your putting your brows in someone Else's hands. The dyes can also look a bit off, too much red tends to be the problem and as the brows fade the tone can change.
Brands like Benefit, Nars and By Terry make Western brow mascaras but I've seen lots of Korean/Japanese ones with better shades and shapes (imo) at affordable prices.

So what do you guys think, great for a quick natural brow or a product you would give a miss.
Jess xx

Monday, 9 February 2015

The Best Multi-purpose Concealer?

Nars Creamy Concealer 

This was released a while ago but since I've purchased a second tube I though I should do a review to get back into blogging.
When this concealer was released I seem to remember it selling out almost instantly, well in my shade anyway. Most likely because I'm white as a sheet and stockists don't seem to order as many ultra pale and ultra dark shades. Despite it's apparent popularity I hesitated buying this. I try not to get too excited by products that get a lot of hype, as I end up expecting too much from them. The shade range interested me more than the formula. I was really happy with how pale the shade Chantilly was when it arrived, the texture was an added bonus for me.  
Shade: Chantilly

Shade range
Personally I think Nars offer a better shade range in their concealers than they do in foundations. They really cover everyone in the concealers. I struggle to find pale enough concealers for not just spots but under eyes too. Bobbi Brown Brightening Concealer(lovely product) also comes in a really pale shade but its not thick enough for spots. Great for under eyes and brightening shadows but that's about it.
I love the texture of this concealer, it's so versatile. Creamy enough to be used under the eyes but dense enough to be used on a pesky spot. I like to pop a bit of this over my rosy cheeks and the redness around my nose also.
My Tip
When I want to sheer this down I apply a few dots on the area, for instance my eyes. I then put a tiny drop of serum on the back of my hand(I prefer a runny one) dab my brush in it and then blend the concealer.
Would I recommend this to a friend
Yes, Nars do a shade for everyone and the texture is really comfortable. This concealer is quicker to use than Laura Mercier Secret Camouflage(does have the bonus of the peachy correcter shade).  This is my second tube, I took the precaution of re-purchasing even before I ran out of the first one(how sad). This for me is a holy grail.
Thanks for reading
Feel free to comment
Jess xx

Friday, 30 January 2015

Ysl Tuxedo Palettes

Anyone who is interested in beauty will be aware that every man and his dog has released a neutrals palette. Now the one and only YSL has released two for us to indulge in. They've released a palette consisting of every day neutrals and one containing of sultry greys, blues and purples. There are 10 shades in each with varying finishes.

I owned the Naked one palette but I didn't like how many shiny shades were in it. I pricked up at the sight of these though. Ysl eye shadows are among my favorite and the sultry shades are calling me.

I need to get back into the swing of blogging so here is a quick post to get going.

The darker palette is a bit more unique with the blue and purple, What do you guys think?

Jess xx

Available at Debenhams 

Thursday, 4 July 2013

Shu Uemura UV Under Base Mouse

Pink and Brightening both have SPF 30 and UVA/UVB protection

Both contain talc (doesn’t bother me)

Both have fragrance

I have a strong aversion to sunscreen to the point where I would rather wear a long sleeved shirt and a hat in the summer than put sunscreen on. The idea of having a sticky oily face repulses me. Of course times have changed and it’s common to find specific sunscreen for different skin types but I’m still put off. Anyway I saw one of Wayne’s Videos LINK TO VIDEO talking about these so I thought I could kill two birds with one stone, SPF and a mattifying primer. I could not for the life of me decide which one to buy, Brightening (purple can) is recommended for spots, Pink (white can) is recommended for redness. I decided to buy both, as I have a few different problems with my skin.

 The texture is light and buildable, once dry the texture is matte which is perfect for me. You will look pale when you apply these but once foundation is on it’s not a problem.  
               Sun protection So far I’ve had no sun burn when using these (bear in mind I live in the UK). Last weekend when it was very sunny I’d been out in the sun for over two hours and had no sun burn.
               Mattifying these are the best I’ve tried. My skin is only ever so slightly oily after several hours of wear with these even in hot weather. Usually my skin would be an oil slick.

I haven’t tried these in the winter yet but the centre of my face is oily all year round so hopefully they won’t be too drying.

Overall I am extremely happy with these; they control my oily skin very well, better than any other primer I have tried. I haven’t tried these with flash photography so I can’t say whether they flash back of not but there’re great for everyday use.
Would I recommend these to a friend? Yes

Jess xx

Friday, 15 March 2013

& Other Stories

& other stories, shirt, bag, necklace
Shirt:£39, Bag:£65,Necklace:£12

& Other Stories is the is the newest cool kid on the high street brought to you by H&M. The concept is based on street style, delivering chic clothing which quality reflects the price (thank the lord). I buy most of my clothes from COS now as I’m fed up of the high price for poor quality high street, so this was a breath of fresh air as far as I’m concerned. Their products are modern but not as minimal as COS and run slightly cheaper (kind of like H&M’s older sister).

Overall they have executed this very well, their style is fresh. They use desirable fabrics, the leather and build quality of the handbag is exactly what I expected and the price point of the jewellery is spot on. So far I can’t fault them; their quality, pricing and designs all run parallel, which I can’t say for other high street stores.

A lot of things have sold out but defiantly take a look if you like street style and modern fashion.

Jess xx

Monday, 25 February 2013

Clinique Chubby Stick Shadow Tint for eyes 04 Ample Amber

You Get 3g for £16

Fragrance free

clinique chubby stick for eyes, ample amber, shadow tint

I don't usually get excited about Clinique's new releases, for instance when the chubby lips came out they didn't excite me, I’m not really fond of tinted lip balms. I try not to buy products based on hype but even my Grandma bought one when they came out and loves it (great now I’m thinking of getting some chubby lips as well).   

Anyway when I saw these I got excited. I was interested in the concept, a quick, easy, out the door go kind of product that would require minimal effort. I think I have found it. The packaging is convenient with no need for a sharpener as the stick twists up.

Formula/ texture

The formula is like butter with slip making the product glide on beautifully (probably the silica) and feels like an eye shadow. The pigment is even, so no patchy areas, which you sometimes get with eye shadow that’s not blended properly and the intensity is buildable. There is no chance of fall out and if need be the shadow can be blended to soften the edges. The eye shadow is pearly with a small amount of shimmer which is finely milled.

I have oily lids so I was worried that the shadow would crease easily because of how silky it is, but with primer and a dusting of translucent powder it was fine.

Overall I am happy I bought this, it fits the need of a certain customer. If you aren’t confident with eye shadow or it takes too long to apply then I think you will like this, it’s practical. I do think this is a bit expensive by a few pounds, which was why I decided not to try the chubby lips, I wasn’t going to pay £16 for a tinted lipbalm. Despite this you get 3g of product compared with let’s say a MAC eye shadow which has 1.5g for £12 so you get a good amount of product for the price. I’m going to get my Grandma one for her birthday so I will see what she thinks about the concept.

Would I recommend this to a friend? Yes

As always feel free to let me know what you think.

Jess xx